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Being human is a given but keeping our humanity is a choice.

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JustOneThing365 is on a mission to change our world by empowering and inspiring people and organisations to make ‘doing good’ a daily habit, in order to uplift the lives of others – be it human, animal or our planet.



Winter 2018

Inspired by the global human project Walk A Mile In My Shoes, 69 South African celebrities and influencers stripped down to their skin to highlight the vulnerability of pets during freezing cold winters.

Photographed in grey dog blankets, the ladies shared these images on social media platforms urging their followers and fans to donate blankets for pets in the townships and shelters. Our men spread the #adoptdontshop message by bonding with rescue dogs in shelters to get them adopted into loving forever homes.

Which is your favourite campaign photo?

Our beautiful tribe collected and donated more than 1 500 blankets nationwide and money, food and pet accessories collected were distributed to four campaign beneficiaries: PETS JHB, Sandton SPCA, DARG Rescue and Irwins Animal Rescue.

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December 2018

Over 100 purpose-driven souls bonded over their love for animals on 2 December 2018 for a feel-good year-end get together at the Sandton SPCA. Families, colleagues, couples and friends put their DIY skills to good use and built and painted 18 kennels for vulnerable pets in Alexandra and Orange Farm. These wonderful humans also donated food, beds and more kennels.

With bright colours and a special “Welcome Home” message inside each kennel, the enthusiastic animal lovers turned the doggie houses into beautiful homes. A group of volunteers and Sandton SPCA inspectors distributed the kennels afterwards. Each dog’s human received a bag of dog food, a sponsored Bosch cap and T-shirt and sweets for the children.

We also bought 18 kennels at a discounted price from Westpack and sponsored 18 sterlisations with the donations we received after the event.

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December 2019

JustOneThing365 and our beauty and wellness partners offered one of Woman&Home magazine’s readers a life-changing top-to-toe, inside-out makeover to help her step up with confidence.

To qualify for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, entrants needed to be actively doing something to make a difference in their world.

We were inundated with beautiful letters, but there was one that really stood out. Christine Kuch, an ex-SPCA inspector and now volunteer, has been saving the lives of countless animals from heart-breaking conditions since the late 80’s. She has been putting the needs of others before her own for so many years that we were thrilled to give her the TLC she deserved!

Here’s what she had to say about her transformational make-over:

“It is life-changing in that you do start to look at things differently. However, nobody tried to mould me into something I wasn’t. That, I think, is the most pleasing part. There have been definite improvements and I feel like a better person – definitely more confident – but I’m still me! That’s the important bit. So, to everybody involved, a huge thank you.”

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